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K90 Spacebar & Num Pad


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Several keys are combined and entering both values.

For example, if I press 1 on the Num Pad the output is 12.

If I press 2 on the Num Pad, same thing, output is 12.

The standard number keys are fine, it's only the keys on the Num Pad.

The combined keys are:

1 = 12

2 = 12

4 = 45

5 = 45

7 = 78

8 = 78

Num Lock = NumLock/

/ = NumLock/

Space bar = space0

0 = space0


If you look at the Num Pad layout it's the keys in the first 2 columns, which makes me think it might be a hardware issue. I don't understand how the space bar fits in to that mix though.


I just purchased and installed this keyboard yesterday and immediately installed the latest firmware before noticing any issues.



i7-2600K, P8P67 Deluxe, CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B, G500 Logitech Mouse, Win7 Pro x64.

K90 is plugged in to native USB2.0 ports on the back I/O panel.


Devices & Printers seems normal but in Device Manager I see 2 Corsair Keyboards listed and maybe 4 HID Input Devices. The G500 owns 1 or 2 of those but it's hard to tell which ones.

So, I tried uninstalling every keyboard and input device from Device Manager , restarted, killed all running apps, only thing connected were mouse and keyboard, flashed the keyboard again and restarted. No change.

Tried to update the driver with those provided in the FW update and it says I have the latest driver.


I might have an old PS2 mouse that I'll try, so the K90 is the only USB device connected to eliminate any conflicts with the G500 and determine exactly what USB devices belong to the K90, but I'm not optimistic.

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I've noticed the down and right arrows are also doing the same thing.

Pressing either one causes both actions.


I tried uninstalling everything, logitech and corsair software and drivers, and re-flashed the firmware to eliminate any conflicts with logitech's gaming software. I even used a cheap 2- button MS Mouse just in case, but no change.


I then installed the K90 on my rig and it does the same thing.

(i7-3770K, P8Z77-V Deluxe, CMZ16GX3M4A2133C11B, Win7 Ultimate x64)


So I guess at this point an RMA is my last option.

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I've submitted a request for RMA.

I purchased the K90 through amazon.com just this week.

Since it's within 30 days it seems I ship it back to amazon but I'd like to take advantage of Express Replacement. How does that work?

If I have to ship it back to amazon, do I still need an RMA?

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If you go through Amazon, you shouldn't need to involve Corsair. If you're going through Corsair, and want an Advance RMA, what will usually happen is they'll put the value of the item in question on hold on your credit card, send you a new item, and you have a period of time (varies from a week to a month, depending on the company) to send the old one back, at which point the money put on hold is refunded to you. If you keep both, they keep your money.
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I just looked in to Amazon's returns and I'll be receiving a new one in 2 days (I have Prime). It even includes a return label so that's good.

They didn't ask for an RMA so I guess I don't need one.


I sure hope that's all it is. I think I did everything I could to troubleshoot this thing.

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