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CMX8GX3M2B1600C9 on Crosshair IV Formula


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As the title suggests, I've just moved from 2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws to 2x4GB Corsair XMS3 CMX8GX3M2B1600C9 on the CH IV F. I had problems with a set before so I RMA'd it. Installing the replacement set has nuked my 4GHz overclock :( and it doesn't seem to want to run at 1600MHz, even at 1.5V.


If anyone has tips or settings they could share here I'd appreciate it.


Currently running at 3.6GHz CPU level up setting, with RAM set on 1.500V, 1200MHz, and everything else on auto frown.gif That's the best I've been able to boot with so far. Not sure, seems like I've taken a step backwards here.




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