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New RAM compatible with my ASUS mobo?


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I just purchased the following RAM:



and ever since then, my computer has been randomly shutting off.


Randomly = sometimes 3x within 15 minutes, sometimes once after 4-5 hours of constant use, sometimes it doesn't shut off for a couple days.


When it shuts off, it's like I hold the power button and it quickly restarts.


I have the following mobo:



I called ASUS and they told me to contact Corsair. I then contacted Corsair via phone several times and it eventually went to voicemail.


I have also run Memtest86 with both sticks in at the same time and after 14 passes @ 10 tests each pass, it came out with no errors...


Before I used the following (x2 so 4x sticks of 2GB) for about 2.5 years with no issue:



Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I also tried doing the compatibility tester on here and my mobo isn't on the list, the M4A77TD is, but not the M4A87TD :(

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