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Air Series PWM and Corsair Link


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I would be grateful if you could confirm that new PWM edition SP120's co-operate with Corsair LINK. And that they do not click at all and allow an accurate direct control of Fan Speed right out of the box with the current firmware.


If so I will rush out and buy a set.



Secondly would you recommend getting performance editions and running them at ~1000rpm or quiet editions. Basically will the Performance editions run as slow as the quiet editions and will they be 'as' quiet at that given RPM.


It would be nice to have the speed in reserve just in case, IF that doesn't compromise idle sound. I hope you understand what i'm saying.


Thanks, JR.

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We are coming out with a line of PWM series of fans that will work great with our Cooling Node. However, if you have the Cooling Node now with 3 Pin fans you may have better control of the fans that are connected to the cooling node with F/W Ver. 1.1.9 but there may be a slight clicking sound from the fans

And with the newer PWM Fans you will have full control and we would suggest using F/W 1.2.5 for the cooling Node.


TAC or 3-Pin fans will work with either F/W but from what we have seen they will usually have better control with F/W 1.1.9. I would not worry about trying both versions and see which works best for your configuration.




Looks like it will work fine.

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