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Help with Corsair H100i


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Hi there,


I’ve had the Corsair H100i for just over 3 weeks which has been fine until the last few days.


The fans have been left on default mode and not changed. Recently when starting up the PC the fans are running at 100% speed


RGB Led Setup is set to temperature 60 (Red) being the highest reading, the past 2 weeks it has not hit red but now my CPU is hitting 100+.


Please see my CPU readings done with Real Temp.

(Test done playing sleeping dogs for 10 minutes) – Can’t play games for longer!


Have checked that all is fitted ok, what has changed since?


Please help





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It idle temps are 70C and load temps are 105C then there's something wrong... Are you sure pump is running and the heat sink is on right?


unless you have the room 60C (140 degrees) then theres something wrong...which i doubt you have it that hot

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Called up Scan this afternoon and Mark has been very helpful and sorted out an RMA to be sent back to Scan.


Took a closer look and the Y Fan Cable that connects to the pump block had come off while trying to remove the Cable…

The Y cable cannot be fitted onto the pump for fans 1 and 2


This had been running fine for the past 3 weeks which makes me wonder.


Lucky I had bought a retail version of the Core i7 – back to air cooling.

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