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High temps for an i3960x & Corsair H100?


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Hi all,


My full system specs are in my profile, but I'm worried my i3960x is running too hot with the H100 in an Obsidian 800D.


Idle temps are 45-55 on all six cores. Load temps usually high 70s to high 80s.


I'm using the stock case fans in the 800D, but the fans on the H100 were swapped out for a pair of much quieter Noctua NF-P12.


The system is moderately OCd to 4GHz.


What sort of temps should I be expecting?



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Your voltage is too high for such a small oc.Try lowering it a bit.

For starters try 1.3 and see where that gets you

If you look at my thread i've got a 3930k at 4Ghz with a voltage of just 1.136V.My idle temps are close to yours.(40 something c) but load temps do not exceed 60c on the hottest core.


Anyways for your voltage the load temps are not bad.

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holy **** 1.4 volts!!! dude try about 1.2 for a 4ghz overclock


and with 1.4 volts id be worrying more about the voltage than temps...lol


at 1.4 volts dont expect it to last any longer than 3 years... (2 to 5 really) no matter what temps you have...lower it it will lower your temps and voltage which is good


the worst you can get with too low voltage is either memory errors (from CPU cache memory failing)/game crashes or computer turn offs/crashes/BSODS basically harmless...so try to go as low as you can then i would recommend raising 0.020 after you reach a stable voltage...i only have an i7 3770K but im sure its very similar

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just dont go above 1.3 volts...(preferably 1.2-1.25) and you will be fine...also if you have power saving features disabled like you did before i believe then your temps will be higher as the voltage is MUCH higher at idle and frequency is set higher at idle your temps wernt super high to begin with but they were a little due to the voltage...remember try to keep below about 1.25...from 1.3 to 1.25 that can be a 4C difference almost
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