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Corsair 300R Case Mods


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Hi Guys,

My first post so go easy.


I want to build my next system using the 300R case (Love It)

I wish to purchase the 300R with the side window but am not installing any fans in the clear window.

So is it possible to remove the clear panel with the fan intake holes in it & replace it with a clear panel of my own?


Would anyone have any pictures of the inside detail of the side window?


Thanks in advance.:laughing:

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Just about ready to rebuild my existing computer into the 300R case.

I want to set it up for positive airflow so am going to install 2 Noctura NF-S12B FLX 120mm fans in the front to draw air in.

I am leaving the standard 120mm Corsair fan in the back of the case as an exhaust fan.

For the top I have ordered a Demciflex filter to keep dust out.


My question is what do you guys think about putting the original 140mm fan from the front into the front slot of the top as an intake fan?

I will leave the back slot of the top open.

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