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RMA #6006442 - shipping problem


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I bought a H80i in March, had a defective unit and got a replacement (Corsair payed the UPS shipping - how I think it has to be). With the Tech Support I figured out that my replacement unit also is defective because of a faulty pump. They suggested another RMA (number #6006442).

Now I've got my new RMA (and I am not happy about another failing unit) but I just received the standart shipping label. So I asked the tech guy about the UPS label and he said that he has no excess to this part of the system and therefore can't do it for me.


Now I hope someone from Corsair here can help me out.

I really like the H80i and hate that I got unlucky two times but I am not willing to pay international shipping to The Netherlands to replace a product that I bought for a lot of money and which did not even work like I should.

I hope Corsair will solve this problem with an UPS label like last time when was so happy about the great support.

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