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Best case for dual socket mobo with dual H100i CPU coolers


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I'm building a high end workstation for a client with the specs in my "PC Specs".


For CPU cooling I was going to use Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 cpu coolers because I've used them before.


However, I couldn't help notice that all the reviews I've seen for this motherboard are using Corsair H series cpu coolers.


These Corsair coolers seem awesome and I'd like to use them as well.


I don't have any experience with them and I'm a little concerned about having enough space to mount the radiators.


Does the Corsair 900D case have the space I need to mount two of the H100i radiators?


If not, is there another case than can be recommended?


*Edit: I notice that the 900D Case is extremely hard to get. Would the 800D case work? Is there room to mount both radiators?

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the 900D is brand new so supply seems limited right now, the 900D will hold 2 of the H100 series coolers with ease. might I suggest the new H110 cooler, it needs no software and it does not need sata power cables, just needs fan headers and a power header for the pump. it's very simple and trouble free and it has the quiet 140mm fans.
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While the 900D would easily physically fit two H100's there is no way you could actually get them in and mounted to the CPU's. The roof mounts are intended for a 480mm rad so they are all 15mm spaced.* There would be no room for the 'ends' of the radiator which stick out past the fans in the middle. You couldn't even drill a new set of holes because they mount on to tabs which stick out. And the pipes aren't long enough to reach anywhere else on the case.


The only way out would be to go for H80i's or H90's. It sounds expensive surely a custom water cooling loop would be on the cards?






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Thanks jihawn and JR23,


I just signed in for the first time in over a year to ask a question about the CorairLink software on my own home PC and noticed that I never responded to your posts.


I appreciated you both answering my question last year and I feel bad that I did not say thank you sooner.


I used to be pretty active on another hardware forum and it always annoyed me when I would give advice but would not get an acknowledgement.


I ended up going with Noctua coolers for this system because I did not want to modify the case or do a custom water cooling solution.

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