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RMA Case #5832411

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I sent in my RMA on April 22 for my Corsair M60 using USPS with tracking and delivery confirmation and haven't heard anything back yet.


The USPS site says delivery on April 24, but now it's the 25th and it still says it's at the post office.


Have you received it yet, or should I contact my post office? :confused:

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So, I just called and asked if there was any way to go away from M60 to a M65 (considering they are the same price).


Is there any way I could do that? I understand you only do upgrades on models you don't produce anymore, but on Newegg.com (where I purchased from) they have it marked as discontinued.*


I'd happily pay extra for the M65, as I understand it's a better build, but I just can't justify dropping $70 for another mouse.







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