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custom house and UPS


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What kind of documentation do you return with the package, when the package is returning from warranty?


I'm question this, because here in Brazil the UPS calls the clients asking questions from the fiscal (Alfandega in portuguese or custom house), about the product, and the product value, because, just only the " invoice " isn't necessary anymore how prove that the package is returning from warranty, or etc.


I have an RMA, active and aproved, I'm worried for this, even talking with them that the package are returning from warranty and showing them the Fiscal Note, they don´t believe, they just want tax the product, it is very expensive to both parts. I and you.


Here in Brazil I know through a lot of sites that people who have CORSAIR's Power Supply idle at home.


So, today, can I do the RMA without problems?


Sorry for my english.


Silas Silva

Case #5841241

RMA # is 6004558. PSU AX850W.

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I am sorry but that is not something we would be able to address on the forum, please call our customer service by phone and they will, be able to help you, the number is listed under contact on our web site and you can call the toll free number listed under contact on the main site.
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