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Corsair AX1200 noise


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i would like to ask information about the noise coming from psu when i switch system on and when i using system full load. I have tried to set off cpu power savings no difference. I am 100% sure these sounds come from psu since i updated only psu when noises started. I tried to record something for more info.


when i boot up system there comes noise whistle:


full load system continues buzz sound until witch stops when i stop full load:

end whistle


so is this reason for rma? this is pretty noise psu overall and when these problems started i done with this one.



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I have to really turn the volume up on my headset to hear it. But anyway it sounds like just the fan or fan controller (and is normal to an extent)which isn't going to hurt anything component wise. Since I'm not there and can't really judge how loud it is, it's hard to tell.


If the noise is so loud that it can be heard over the rest of your system with the case closed then you could have it replaced.

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