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M65 Problems


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So i just bought my new M65 and installed the software and firmware update.


The problem i have is


1. when i use my sniper button outside a game (desktop etc) the keyboard freaks out . in other words when i press 'd' my windows tabs back and forth with different windows. the same with alot of other keys.


2. i tried remapping the sniper key so that it uses "close window" but it does not work plus the keyboard gets wierd yet againl. i tried with other commands such as "lock" and that does work but the keyboard is still wierd.


so after testing my mouse i came to the conclusion that the sniper button thinks that it is 'left alt' button therefore triggering the wierd keyboard.


In the end my question is , can i remapp my sniper button to "close window" without the 'left alt' bugg?


* Edit


i did e fresh re-install and i think i installed the software and the upgrade firmware in the wrong order . after the re-install i tried the command again and it did not work with software playback enabled but when i checked hardware playback it started to work (saved the profile to my m65) . will it work without having the hardware playback on?

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