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HX1050 gold noisy fan


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today it's my first day with the HX1050 Gold power supply.

It works good so far.

There is only one thing, which is a bit annoying.

From time to time, the fan speed up audible and will be slower until

I can't hear the fan anymore.

This happens while surfing at the internet.


Is that normal?

The fan is a few seconds clearly audible and then it slows down.



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Malustra if you could post a video or sound file that would help out a bunch. Just from what you are describing it could possibly be normal depending on system demands.


The fan will spin up and slow down depending on a combination of temp/load. Ambient temps and so on may also contribute to the temps and so on. Running a crossfire set-up even will surfing is going to draw a little extra power so it may make the PSU temps rise a bit .


How often does it do this? Can you give us a time duration that it does this?

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here is a sound file of it!

It takes about 20-30 seconds and then it is quiet again.

I can't say how often it comes.

It depends on what I am doing.

When I watch a video on youtube for example, it starts for sure.



Sorry for the sound, it is a bit crackling, due to converting. ::pirate::



I use a I7 3930k and two HD7950 cards, but in desktop mode,

one card is deactivated automatically.

For surfing at the internet and watching videos it may be a bit to overpowered with the fan.

My old HX1000 was very quiet.






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