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RMA 6007222 - broken DDR3 RAM

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Dear Support Team,


I filled in a RMA Request three days ago. Unfortunately, till now, no response. A major question of mine is that, do I have to return the whole memory modules in one? I need my PC to work. Maybe I could send only the defect ones?

Or will Corsair Support send me a new 4x4 kit, and then I can return the broken kit?


My RMA Number: 6007222


16 GB DDR3 XMS 1333 RAM (4x4)


As I said in the ticket: Some times, my Windows 8 is getting blue screens. As additional information it says “memory manager”. So I ran MemTest. Memtest throws a lot of errors, so I guess my ram modules, or one of them, are broken.


Thank you for your help.

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