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h100i choking my gaming rig


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As you can see from my profile, my gaming rig should be suitable for runnin almost any game today.




After I bought this H100i cooling system I have had so many problems and issues with it. Worst thing is that my highend computer is acting like lowend minilaptop.


I did two small quick tests lastnight and here are the results.


-Minecraft, vanilla texures, no mods, fullscreen.

Frames per second = ~22, with H100i installed with latest link software


- Farcry 2 benchmark, ranch small, detail ultra, resolution 1920x1080. Average frames per second = ~32, with H100i installed


Next I took the H100i away and put my stock boxed cooler that came with my ADM FX 8150 blackedition.


- Minecraft, same settings as before,

frames per second = ~144


-Farcy 2 benchmark, same setting as before,

average frames per second = ~120


So with H100i I get sluggish 22 fps in minecraft and with stock cooler 144 - ~400fps

In some larger caves and builds I have made in minecraft, the fps drop was as low as under 10fps with h100i


Also every single game lags and shutters and has terrible frame rate with H100i so question is...


what in the oblivion is going on? :eek:


I did little OC and ran my cpu @ 4.2Ghz or at least tried it. 3.9ghz was max I got out with h100i. With stock cooler 4.2Ghz no prolemo, high temps thou.


OCing my GPU didnt make any difference.



EDIT: Going to unplug the cpu unit usb cable today and only run waterpump and also hook the fans directly to motherboard and see how it then operates. (and uninstall all H100i related software)



-Imminent (obviously epic) fail

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I think that you cpu throttle due to high temps.


It's either a wrongly installed H100i unit (poor contact maybe) or a dead one. Double check your installation process & clearCMOS for any wild vcore setting of your's, to go away :)

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What temps are you currently getting both idle and under load? it may be that your CPU is overheating. Check the pump's rpm in the BIOS and make sure it is running around 2200rpm. Check the contact between CPU and coldplate, make sure that the pump is seated correctly.
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