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900D Cooling Test Data


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Just wondering if Corsair could publish some of their data on their cooling tests for the 900D, especially air cooling for me anyway.


It took me awhile to get the best out of my 800D for air cooling.


I presume they must have done some cooling testing, so if they gave the hardware logs and the results it would be a great help for people getting together build lists while waiting for the cases to become available.


For me I like air cooling, positive pressure to keep the cats hair out of the PC.

From looking at all the open grills in the back of the 900D it will be hard to get positive pressure if we use the top fans for extracting air.


For my 800D I ended up using the top three fans as inlet as well as an extra 120mm bay mounted fan in the front. Now it blows air out of every crack in the 800D case, and with my modest setup keeps very cool. I use a DEMCi filter on the top and front fan.


From what I can see so far to get positive pressure I would either have to block some of the top hols to get the air forced out the back of the case or have a setup similar to my 800D.


Anyway some test data would be nice.


Regards MarkL

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I have an air set-up and my system has been up for a few days now. I have done some benchmarking (no serious gaming yet), but I see pretty good airflow. I have a Corsair H110 on top in a push/pull as an intake on top. I replaced the 3 front fans with Corsair AF 120 performance fans (Intake) and replaced the 140mm in the back with the AF series (exhaust). My temps at idle are in the mid 20's. When I ran some basic benchmarks (3D Mark, Heaven, Valley) at extreme settings the processor got to maybe around 40-41C.


My 2 EVGA 680's have remained pretty cool so far.


Still kinda early and I need to run the system through its paces more but I am pretty pleased so far with the case and the air flow.

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