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H60 Pump fail (but started working again)


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Hi All,


I brought a h60 2 months ago installed it and its been working fine since, been getting ideal around 28 degrees on my i7, then with load 60< .


Last night my computer decided to shut down, turned back on and the same, so looked at cpu temp in bios and they were 104, so i shut it down and investigated the fan.


I had a push pull on it, with the 2 fans into my fan controller, i then had the cpu lead going into a molex adapter so it was running at full speed.


I tried the cpu led into the cpu_fan (which has worked fine when i first set it up) but the fan speed was showing as 0 on the bios.


I then tried a different molex adapter and same again over heating.


So i took it all out, took off the fans, put the stock fan on, and then booted up ok.


I then raised a request for replacement as one would do.


I then left it a while and then decided to test it out, so i got the pump and radiator in my hand and plugged into the molex adapter, holding it to my ear to see if i could hear anything.


Nothing... then i turned pc on and off and did the same... still nothing.


I then decided to wiggle it about abit (just lightly in my hands) to see if maybe .. and then i felt a very solid motor kick in and the noise of the fan.

I turned the pc off again and back on and the motor kicked in again.


So has anybody has something similar.


This was late last night so i haven't had time to put it back into my pc.


So the question is, should i still be asking for a replacement because the pump 100% was not working. And i don't want to spend time putting it all back in for it to fail again.

Or could it be something silly like one of the leads or something stuck etc...

It has loads of room in my fan so it isn't getting blocked or anything.


Sorry for the long post.

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what I emphasis on the I would do is if it fails again RMA it...what you PROBABLY should do is just go ahead and have it replaced no matter what


but what i would hate to happen is it fail on you again while your doing something important :( once it passes 104-105C it shuts it off to protect the CPU

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Sounds like the pump is staring to act funny. I would suggest that you have it replaced for the same reason what Bryman have stated, just to be on the safe side. You have a warranty, take advantage of it.
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