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H100 still grinding/buzzing - Finally pushed me over the edge.


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- I had a buzzing/grinding H100.

- Corsair sent me a replacement, still buzzed/grinded when fans weren't set to 100% on fan controller (NZXT Vulcan or something?)

- After months it has finally pushed me over the edge.. I was sent a H100 even after the H100i was released... I even said, send me anything that doesn't grind

even it's a single 120mm option but they still sent me a H100...


Is it too late? Because I'm worried about buying another cooler and have that one do it to me as well :[pouts:


Thanks to everyone here who puts the time in to look at these kind of threads :cool:

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  • Corsair Employees

I am not clear if the buzzing is coming from the fans or the pump. Are you able to isolate the noise and find out if its indeed from the pump? Not all H100/H80 cooler will have the buzzing/grinding noise, we just need to find out if it's coming from the pump or fan.


If you send us back an H100 to claim your warranty, your replacement will still be an H100 and not an H100i. Both the H100 and H80 are still in production and not obsolete, thus the replacement you received is an H100.

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