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Corsair Force 3 240GB Firmware Update

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What will be my benefits of a Firmware Update?

I'm pretty far behind. I'm still using Firmware Version: 1.3.3

But I just noticed there already is Firmware Version: 5.2


Would it be worth it to update firmware. And what could go wrong?

Can I ruin it, and what will happen?

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FW 5.03 is the latest.


If your not experiencing any issues with the drive, You don't need to update the FW.


Changelog for 5.03



1. Restored a minor TRIM performance variation from a previous release

2. Fixed a power management condition where the device failed to respond to COMWAKE, which might have resulted in the SSD not responding without being reset by the host

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Sandforce 2 controller based drives have 2 firmware series, series 3 and series 5.


Corsair was using their own firmware update numbering for the 3 series firmware (1.0.0 to 1.3.3)


For the 5 series firmware, corsair, and most other sandforce customers, choose to stick with the sandforce firmware numbering. (5.0.1 to 5.0.3 and further with new drives).


From what I recall 5.02 was released, but recalled as it had a minor performance fault with TRIM. Or at least it was shipped on some of corsairs drives.

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