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2 Force3 SSDs dead in 2 days


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I picked up a couple of refurb 120GB Force3 ssds about 6-8 months ago, one I put in my Dell Latitude e6500, the other I hadn't done anything with yet.


Yesterday when I turned on the e6500 it couldn't detect the ssd. No big deal, that's the chance I take with refurb. I put the other one in, install Windows8, everythings good to go.... until this morning. Turn on the e6500 this morning, can't detect the ssd.


I've tried putting both in a USB enclosure, windows doesn't see them when connected. I tried putting them in my desktop, BIOS doesn't see them.


From my searches it looks like the consensus is that when this happens the drives have to go back to Corsair, as mine are refurb, that option is unavailable to me.


Has anyone found any tricks or are these ssds headed for recycling?

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