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Hey not sure where to post this, if I made this in the wrong area please let me know. I do apologize in advance if that is the case


I'm having an issue with my fan controller or front io panel?(wouldn’t know the actual name) where it seems to have quit supplying power to the fans which in turn means it can’t control them ;)

just as reference I have tried the fans on connectors directly on the motherboard so I know it’s not the fans themselves


Anyways the bigger problem I’m having is that I have contacted the rma department and was told they'd ship me a new part.

For the record this is the second time I’ve faced this issue, the first time was a very quick response from corsair


Unfortunately that will have been three weeks ago in a few days, I don’t recall being asked for my address(though that could have been done on registration for all I know)

I was never given a tracking number(though again I don’t remember if I was given one the first time).


I contacted the rma department under the same ticket asking for information and have yet to see a response so I came here to see if someone here could help me out

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