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Couple of problems with K90


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I would like to know if the following problems I am having are a fault with this specific keyboard and a RMA is required, or are due to software/firmware issues.


1) Holding down ctrl on Win XP startup does not disable startup applications, nothing happens.


2) Holding down shift on Win XP startup does not take me to the account login selection page, nothing happens.


3) If I assign a keystroke to G16 then press it it pastes the key, pauses, then pastes it repeatedly. If I instead record a macro of me pressing that key and assign it to G16, then it pastes the key once as it should. If I assign the same letter as a keystroke to other G keys then it works fine.


G13 is not the only key that works differently than the others. G17 and G18, for example, will not paste a letter at all unless I record me pressing it as a macro, never mind going on to repeat it.


Whereas other G keys will work when I assign a keyboard letter to them.


So it is my keyboard or dodgy software that is the likely culprit.

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I have installed the software and firmwaree from this zip file file: K90-Software-1_0_0_30


It turns out that unlike with my old keyboard where I could hold down ctrl well before the desktop appeared, the K90 needs to have it pressed just before the DT appears, in order to disable SU apps. I was holding it down beginning at the same point in the bootup that I used to with my old KB. So just the dodgy macro keys then.


Yes the KB works in BIOS.

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I reinstalled both fw and drivers but the same issues persisted. However I noticed that when running in hardware mode the K90 began working perfectly.


I could directly map keystrokes to keys and they would appear when I pressed the button, and they would execute once and once only, etc etc.


So does this sound like a hardware problem? I'd rather not go to the effort of a physical replacement if it is a software issue.


Only sloghtly odd behaviour I have noticed is that in software mode if I map the page up and page down keys to buttons then they behave as the normal keys above the arrows would behave, ie act independently of the num lock setting.


Whearas when I switch to hardware mode they act like the pageup and down keys on the numeric keypad would behave. ie they output 3 and 9 unless if I switch numlock off.


Is there a way to make the Pup and Pdown keys behave like the ones above the arrow keys would behave, in hardware mode.

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