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question to resolve a problem with the fan controller (speed of the fans)


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Hi guys,


I'm new here so certainly my question will seem noobish but I have to know.

So, I've recently acquired the 600t graphite in white... beautiful case of course but I have some problems with fan controller or maybe not but will see.


So when I turn the button, the intensity of the led increase of course (have to tell you that one support guy told me that wasn't normal, but it seems rubbish) and I was pretty sure that the speed of the fans didn't increase so I've ask for a RMA, received my parts today (really speedy as RMA so I thanks the support for that), and I 've mounted it and I've tried to test it with a sheet of paper. The speed is increasing but not a lot, really! Maybe the difference could be between 200 or 300 RPM more, it is not like my previous antec case where between low and high there was a huge difference but of course it wasn't 200nm fans so I don't know, What Have I to expect? Is there a problem or really the difference between RPM is nearly nothing?


in this cas I guess that I have only to precise my PSU, it s an old (5 years old) 1200W be quiet! DO I try with another PSU or maybe it s really not the problem and it is a fan problem maybe or something else but I don't see?

Can someone explain me and advice me ?



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Toasted is correct the stock case fans on this case do not change that much about 400 RPM difference so depending on how many other fans are in the case it may be hard to tell the difference
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