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Voyager GT usb 3.0 128 gig


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This is my third voyager stick, i returned my first 2 because my puter only would see them as usb 2.0 and after a short use would give me the (you must format before you can use it crap) on my third stick i still had the not reconized on my 3.0 ports but did work on my 2.0 usb ports. well yesterday for chits and giggles i pluged it into my usb 3.0 ports low and behold i had a working Voyager usb 3.0 128 gig stick and it was fast. now i didnt change any hardware or add drivers the only thing is windows update so i beleave they must have finaly fixed something to do with the usb 3.0 so now all is well

and my confidance in corsair is restored :biggrin:

thank you

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