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H100i Fan setup


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hi all, i have a couple & complicated of question and apology for bad english,

i live in Bali with 26 - 34C temp :cool:


My Rig:

i5 3570K ( CM hyper 212 Evo push pull with silverstone FM121 ) wanna update to H100i


Asrock H77 pro4 MVP wanna update to Asrock z77 extreme4


Thermaltake commander ( MID tower ) wanna update to fit h100i


what is the best fan setup ever test for h100i?

1. Push from inside case

2. Pull from inside case

3. Push from outside case

4. Pull from outside case

5. Push pull from inside case

6. Push pull from outside case


what is the best case that fit push pull h100i under $200?


what is the best fan for pull setup? ( keep using stock h100i for push )


could i maximizing h100i with modify ? ( it appropriate?? )

1. liquid cooler ( what is the best? )

2. anything else?


thanks before

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The whole push vs pull questions, are rather case dependent and whether you have more intake than exhauste.


If you're already thinking about modifing the H100i to get that last degree, go ahead and get an H110 in the first place.


As far as the case suggestion, well which cases do you like. Give us a multiple choice there, since aisthetics are so importand in case selection.

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