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900D fans size


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The ones on the Rad in the picture are 120 I believe. The case comes with 3 120's up front and a rear 140. I believe you can mount 140s on the front although maybe only 2. As far as the bottom mounting, I am not sure, since I don't have any fans down there. 120's for sure just not sure about 140's. I don't think so. Next time I pull my case out I will look.
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The case comes with 3 120mm fans at the front and 1 140 rear.


All the fans on the pictures are 120mm except for the one on the back side which is 140mm.


You can put fans in may configurations but they may interfere with other componentes (as the PSU for example)


Bottom: up to 4x 120mm or 3x140mm on the left and the same on the right.

Top: up to 4x120mm or 3x140mm

Front: up to 3x120mm

Rear: 1x 120mm or 1x140mm

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