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RMA ticket #6007043


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I have a problem with one of my Corsair Dominator DDR2 modules what results in unsuccessfully boot of the whole system.


Therefor I requested an RMA on sunday evening with the information to get a response to my request within 8 business hours. Until now the RMA request is still in "new" mode. I already wrote an E-Mail to <removed> with another RMA ticket number.


Because of my vacation for the next one and a half weeks I want to know if you can still provide support for DDR2 DRAM at all and if not, I need to perform further steps regarding getting alternative DRAM / Computer parts to solve this issue.


It would be nice if you could check the current state of the request...


Thanks in advance!

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Hello RAM GUY,


thank you for your reply. Seems as if I took the very wrong category in this whole process. I have updated my RMA request. It would be nice if you could check it again...


Thank you in advance and kind regards

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Thank you for your offer so then yes, can you please tell me if you've received the package in the netherlands already? I cannot track the package from netherlands to Corsair repair factory because it is not offered by my post office here in germany yet. Only to the country's frontiers. The last update here is from 25th or april...


If you've received the package already, can you tell me the current state of it?


Thank you once again for this nice handling of warranty and the whole request(s)! :biggrin:

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