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Help where is the support ? panic on street in London update


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Hi all

I have just got round to doing my new build, got my H100 cooler in Jan 2013... yes i know juz how could you wait that long to build it .

Well call me lucky , just fitted to cooler to the case, how easy was that.

Go to fit the cooler to the motherboard and damm it only have 3 of the nurling patent nuts in the box. Stopped my dead in my tracks, so looking to see where I can one quick .. IE damn quick

I raised a ticket on the tech support .. but was worried as I bought the unit in Jan I may have passed the date to return it ... after all I only want one nut seems a waste to return the whole lot .

so if anyone knows where I can get hold of one PDQ please pass it on ...

many thanks in advance


Based here London UK

Rich B


update 22-4-2013 19.56 GMT

Is there anyone for the company looking at the tickets raised ref 6006042 4/18/2013 4:42 AM



if dealing with issue sorry for repost but please update ticket . thanks

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daftraider if you haven't already, submit an RMA and request the hardware bag for the cooler. It may take 7-10 business days to complete the RMA and even a few more days to add to that since you are overseas.


If you need immediate assistance it would be best to calll CS by phone. They would be able to process the RMA in a few minutes rather than waiting on the automated emais.


Sorry there is no way to get just the hardware any place other than from Corsair.

Just an FYI Corsair support is closed on the weekends and sometime they have to work through a back log on Monday , so it may take a day or so to respond to your thread.

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