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h80i and other corsair fans


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I been looking in these forums and on the internet but never found any proper awnser regarding replacing the stock h80i fans with other (corsair) fans.


The cooler works great and temperatures are awesome but the noise of the fans when they are running at maximum speed is terrible (above 1500rpm it is getting annoying). I got several different fans in my case but not any single one of them makes such a high pitched sound like the ones on the h80i.


Herefor i would like to replace the fans with other lower noise fans. Can someone tell me if other fans also work with the corsair link software?

I dont want to spend any money before i am sure it is gonna work. (optionally i could buy a fan controller and connect fans on that, but that is even more expensive then just replacing the fans)


Would be nice to get a response from any corsair employee ;):

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