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AX760i sudden cut outs


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I've been using a AX760i PSU in my media server PC for about 2 months but last week it suddenly started cutting out, the PC will run for a while (about 30 minutes max, often less) then there will be a click from the power supply and the power will cut out. Occasionally the PC will restart at this point but more often I need to unplug it and plug it back in again before it will turn on. At this point the PSU is displaying the red self test failure LED.


I've used Corsair Link to monitor the voltage and temperature of the power supply and other components and there don't appear to be any issues, the Windows event log doesn't list any issues other than the fact that the computer shutdown unexpectedly. The issue also happens in Windows safe mode and doesn't require the computer to be doing anything in particular, it will happen with the computer just sitting on the Windows desktop.


Disconnecting all non-essential components (basically just all the hard discs other than the boot disc) doesn't make any difference.


So, my general feeling is that the power supply is at fault and will need replacing, but does anyone have any tips or suggestions I could try before I get it RMA'd?

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Try starting the PSU using the paperclip method found in the sticky's above. "Brief PSU functionality test". See if the PSu will stay powered on with just a couple of case fans attatched.


If it does run without issues them it may be the MB. But if it continues to cut out then have it replaced.


What are the voltages being reported in the BIOS for the 12v,5v, and 3.3v rails?

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