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900D Topmounted PSU possible?


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As per title, Is it possible to mount a PSU on the topside ( IE, still under the "roof" ) while still getting cabling where it needs to go?


Tbh It's quite the oversight made by the designer.


Having a topmounted PSU option means you can get 2x 480's in the bottom in a cross-flow configuration ( this IS possible right? 2x 60mm thick rads in the bottom 1 set of fans each? How much space would be between the rads with that in mind?)


It also means you're not putting a heavy rad on top making the case more top-heavy, it also means that a rad is not the highest part of your config anymore, but a (potential) bay-res would be which would help getting air out the system.

Additionaly, your PSU power cables are more then sufficiently long to reach everywhere as it's closer to the points where power is actually needed instead of being far away from those points in the bottom.



Has anyone else thought about this config, would it be possible (cabling wise) ?



Additionally, considering the substantial weight of the case, how about caster options, can the extruded feet support casters? would they have to be sawn off to allow for casters placed on the metal bottom plate instead?


Thanks for your feedback in advance.

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