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Problem with H100


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Hey guys i'm new to this forum but after searching around a bit I thought I would ask to see if anyone else has had a problem with the h100 like I have. I have had mine in for a couple years now and it has been working flawlessly but then in the last day or so the fan noise ramped up all the way to max. I'm running it on an i7 920 in a corsair 400r case.


I have 2 nf-f12 fans pushing out the top and when i opened the case it seems to have shut one fan down. At first I thought that maybe the fan had burnt out so i plugged it into a spare header on the motherboard and it works. So i tried plugging in another spare fan of the same make and it was working on the same plug as the original nf-f12 was on. So I closed up the case and the noises were good until the next day i booted up and the same thing happens again to the new fan. So this time I tried plugging it into the other two headers on the h100 and both fans were working again.


So the next day I bootup again and the same thing happens again. I'm kind of stumped on what it could be. I followed the resetting of firmware on this page:


but it is still doing the same thing. I'm just curious because it never used to do this but I am having the issue when I push the link button the fan speeds don't change at all anymore. But I do have a different lot number than what is listed on the page which is 11459403. If anyone has any suggestions i'm willing to try them. Thanks in advance.

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Let's try re setting the unit and see if this will fix the issue;

To reset the firmware, use the following procedure:

1. While the computer is running, hold down the profile button for approximately five seconds

2. Wait one minute, while the unit continues to run

3. Shut down your computer

4. Press and hold the profile button for five seconds while turning on the power to your computer.

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