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Now I want to use "dual channel"


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I recently put a system together. P43.2, Aopen AX4SPE MAX II, Corsair (box says: CMX512-3200). Foolishly I researched everything but the memory and relied on a Fry's reps suggestion. Today another Fry's rep said that simply buying another CMX512-3200 module would not let me run w/800mhz "dual channel". He said there would be problems and that I needed to buy the memory sold as a set specifically for that purpose. If that's the case then I'm screwed, because I spent alot of money on my current memory module.

Was he right, or simply trying to make a sale?? If I buy the exact same memory module why would I not be able to run it dual channel and get the 800mhz speed, I understand that it's not a true 800, but split between the modules, or whatever. I just want to be able to use that feature.

Thanks for any help.


:confused: :mad: :brick:

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Im pretty sure that you can run dual channel as long as you have the same exact ram model. But you have to install the ram in the specific slots for it to run in pairs. I dont think fry reps really know what there talking about or all that knowledgeable. But then again I might be wrong, hopefully someone else will post there thoughts on this to clarify your situation.
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Yes and no. TwinX sets are specifically tested and guaranteed to work in dual channel mode at their rated timings. If you buy 2 sticks by themselves that are not in a kit, and they are the same part / version, they MAY work together at the rated timings of each stick individually, but they're not guaranteed to do so. So basically, if they're separate sticks, it's a dice roll if they'll work at the single stick rated timings. However, if they don't they may run together at slower timings.


If the part/version does not match, they usually won't work together.

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I to ran into this issue but I made mine work. I have 4 cmx512-3200c2pros running in a dual channel ddr400 on a Abit AV8 @ with 24 hours of memtest 0 errors and prime95 for 24 hours and no errors.


the key is as follows


It took me 2 Frys stores to get 2 matching sets tho.


Corsair has version numbers and lot numbers on there chips .(I found that matching these up in pairs solved my problems) If you goto Frys to buy more memory what happens you get a paper to goto the lockup to pay and recieve your memory.(Look to see if you can get the same lot number and ver. of the one you have. {This should be on the package and one the ram module } may have to look at allot of memory to get them to mach as I had to goto 2 stores to comlete the pairs)


Although the TwinX kits are tested by Corsair I think they match them up in the same fassion and tested together. BTW buy the twinX kit make for allot less hasle


I have 2 cmx512-3200c2pro ver. 4.1 in slots 1 and 2 with the same lot number


I have 2 cmx512-3200c2pro ver. 2.3 in slots 3 and 4 with the same lot number


Quick Note ......

Abit didnt follow normal dual channel format with this board is why you dont use 1 , 3 and 2 , 4 like most. I found out the hard way Read the Book.

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