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Corsair link problem...


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Hi mates,


i have a rig with H100i, AX 860I, 16 GB Dominator Platinum, 2 x AF140 and 2 x SP120 all connected to a Corsair link with this scheme:


H100i directly to the motherboard with internal USB

AX860i and the four fans connected to the corsair link (the fans with the cooling node)


three led stripes connected to the lighting node then to the Corsair link.


All the fans start up regular and immediatly run in quiet mode so the led turns to blue and the H100i works perfect but...

if i open the Corsair link consolle all i can see and control is the H100i....




where i'm wrong or whats i have to do?

reading the forum seems its hard to obtain a fully functionality from the Link....

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Did you only recently buy the LINK Kit?

If yes, there is a chance it might be still on the old FW (1.1.9) instead of FW 2.0.6 which is required for LINK 2.X.X+.

Click the last link in my signature.


If no, Make sure CorsairLINK Hardware Monitor is running.

Are there any errors listed in Device Manager?

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Hi Toasted... you show me the light at the end of tunnel!!

I've followed your instructions, installed the old hardware monitor, updated the firmware from the effectively former runneing 1.19 to the actual 2.06 and then reinstalled the last hardware monitor. The result is that now i can see all and perfect control all with no issues!!




Just one question, the only thing i can't see are the Platinum RAM's.... what should i have to see (if there's something to see) and in case what's i can do for it?


Anyway my best thankx for all your precious helps!!

You're the Man!!

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Reading around i have the dubt that the RAM could be connected at the Corsair Link with the use of Air Flow Pro only.... :confused:

If so i really don't wont to mount such kind of ram cooler instead of the shining awesome metal bar.....:eek:

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Hi Toasted,


after month of fine working my corsair link seems to have a problem!

The Commander is not recognised and checking the firmware it shows me none!

What i have to do?


I have to repeat the installation of the old link upgrade the firmware as you told me the first time or so?


Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Toasted,


the LED was flashing many times on green and one time red.....

what's the meaning of it?

Anyway after detatch and replug the internal Commander's USB , the Corsair link starts again with no issue and in perfect function.....

Now i'm feel so lucky but can you explain me the meaning of flashing and what's probably happened?


Many thanks for your great kindness!!

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Here are the L.E.D. indications posted by COOL GUY a while back.


Green on and off (about twice per second) means that Stingray is attempting to connect to Windows. It will flash red every ~10 seconds if it cannot and will keep trying.


Solid green and flickering orange is used to show activity; since SierraSerivce is always running, the USB Commander should always be flickering.


Red on and off (about twice per second) indicates some hardware failure or that the unit is in boot-loader mode.

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