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Cooling fans have I gone NUTS?


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I recently purchased a Carbide400R case and decided to change the fan layout.


The fan configuration is as follows:


2 120mm fans in the front (intake)

2 120mm fans in the top (Exhaust)

2 120mm fans in the side panel (Intake)

1 120mm fan in the rear (exhaust).


The case sits under a desk, I have one GPU (radeon 7850 2gb with 2 fans) and I do not overclock.


I am now having second thoughts about about installing all these fans, I did it because after playing a game the case was warm to the touch.


Is this fan layout ok for my system or have lost I my mind:eek:

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It's fine but it will create more dust gotta admit with my 7970 hd it's like a furnace especially if I overclock to 1.2 volts(don't get me started on 1.3 volts)... Oh man well anyway ya it's fine I wish my case had side fans :( heh I used to have a 7850 hd then bought another to crossfire well it caused problems with WoW apperantly some games can't use crossfire and it also kept clocking down to 50fps causing screen tearing... That's why I just gave 1 7850 to someone for a present and have a spare 7850 to keep and bought a 7970 :) anyways with playing WoW and diablo at same time (max settings 8x multi sampling and diablo combined creates 100% load) and when it's 80-82 degrees fahenheight in the room... My motherboard gets up to 48C with 1.1 volts and 52C with 1.2 volts and well didnt test 1.3 volts but I think it was already getting pretty hot... :( sorry if I rambled on too much I typed all this on an iPad lol
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Seems like a sane setup to me.


I've got the following on my CM 690 II Advanced:

2x front intake

2x bottom intake

1x side intake


2x top exhaust

1x rear exhaust



video card fan

power supply fan

chipset fan

1x additional Corsair stock 120mm fan on my H60 Hydro cooler for push-pull


So, yeah, you can put a crazy amount of fans into a case. My setup is relatively small fan-wise, I know there are some out there that have 12+ fans. I've got a fan controller though, so that I can control my airflow however I like.


What kind of fans do you have (model)? That info could be useful in finding out what kind of airflow pattern you have there and what level of airflow each has.

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Really cooling will vary from rig to rig. All you can do is try the fans in different combinations to see what works best for your set-up. Even components will vary greatly as far as heat and so on. So even given the same components results will vary.


I have a heavily overclocked I7 with only 4 fans total. A 200mmm front fan and two 140's at the top on the rad as exhaust and a 120 on the rear of the case and my temps are always nice and cool. Idle at 35-38 and full load temps at 75-80c. Ambient temps will also have a huge impact on your results. I also have my PSU mounted fan up to help exhaust air from the case. Now some will say that may shorten the life of the PSU but after four years i haven't noticed any issues. But again your mileage may vary. :)

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