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V1500: Sigh - Cable at volume control on lead loose. Loss of right ear.


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Cable at volume control on lead loose causing loss of sound in right ear. Wiggle it ever so slightly and stereo is back perfectly. take my hands of it and back to one ear. Not ideal.


Can I try and open it and fix what is surely a simple re-securing of the usb cable within the volume control? Or would that void the RMA and I'd be screwed?


I've treated these cans with respect and never dropped them - have a large hook on the wall so's the don't get knocked around.


Advice please, and many thanks for any replies.

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I'm in the UK. It took 5 working days to send it off and receive my new one - so thanks Corsair! Cost me 11 pounds RoyalMail - can't complain.


BTW. The headset and the box it came in weighs 0.6kg


@Madness.. it'll get worse I'm sure. I never once yanked that cable and never walked off to the kitchen with it still on my head, yet it still broke down on me.

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