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SSD Neutron 128GB dying?


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Hi there

I've got a strange problem but let's start from the beginning.

I've had Win7 64bit installed on new machine for a 3 months and everything was perfect. System drive is Corsair Neutron 128GB, core i7, 16GB RAM, etc

One day when I started system some strange stuff started to happen. I opened the explorer and when trying to close system hanged. It hangs every time I try to close an application and it does precisely when application window is about 50% transparrent (if you know what I'm talking about).

I thought that windows just crashed so I did clean install on formatted drive - all started to happen again :/ The problem is that when I scan drive everything seems to be ok. I went to the shop to have it replaced today, they did some tests and said that drive is ok. I was just doing another fresh win install and problem keeps happening.

To complicate it bit further I have backup windows install on different drive and no problems there so it isn't mobo/ram issue.

Help please

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