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Panic on a steet in London


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Hi all

I have just got round to doing my new build, got my H100 cooler in Jan 2013... yes i know juz how could you wait that long to build it .

Well call me lucky , just fitted to cooler to the case, how easy was that.

Go to fit the cooler to the motherboard and damm it only have 3 of the nurling patent nuts in the box. Stopped my dead in my tracks, so looking to see where I can one quick .. IE damn quick

I raised a ticket on the tech support .. but was worried as I bought the unit in Jan I may have passed the date to return it ... after all I only want one nut seems a waste to return the whole lot .

so if anyone knows where I can get hold of one PDQ please pass it on ...

many thanks in advance


Based here London UK

Rich B


update 22-4-2013 19.56 GMT

Is there anyone for the company looking at the tickets raised ref 6006042 4/18/2013 4:42 AM :[pouts:

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