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Case #6004373

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So I will be receiving a new fan controller in the mail even though I got an email saying to ship the product in for replacement? Here is the email i received.


Thank you for contacting Corsair.

We have received and approved your Standard Replacement RMA request. Your RMA # is 6004373.


Once Corsair physically receives your item, your replacement will be processed and shipped. For your convenience, click the following link to automatically generate a return address label for your return. Please use this label when shipping parts back to Corsair.

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I have not had time to deal with the RMA for a while but I just went to check on why I have not received my replacement controller yet and saw that my RMA was closed out. I just opened a new one (RMA #6087810) and I don't want to wait for a few more months to get my replacement. You guys were great when my AX750 went out but this is taking too long.
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