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Problems With Corsair Link


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I've searched the forum high and low and didn't see threads that fit my issue.


I am using Corsair link in conjunction with the Commander and Cooling kit. I had all profiles saved with all items placed where I wanted them, with the settings I wanted.


I installed an additional fan yesterday, boot up the system and WHAM!

All items show up with no information regarding temperature, fan speeds, pump, etc within the graphic. However, a whole new set of items showed up on the left hand side showing correct speeds and usages. This isn't the first time I've had this issue.


I had to delete everything that was already placed for all 3 profiles, and start from scratch, which is highly frustrating.


Will this happen each time I add/replace an item? Is there a way to prevent this?

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Same problem here but i'm only using the H100i, No additional devices.

When launching CL2 all the device icons would be where i saved them but witout any info shown. Then a complete new set of device icons on the left hand side.

Win 7 x64

Corsair Link 2.3.4816

Firmware 1.0.5

It was working fine for a few days and then yesterday and today i've had to delete profiles and redo them.

I have no noise's from the unit so don't plan on any firmware change's.

Any idea's?

Thanks in advance

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No mate. I have 3 fixed rpm profiles only which i swap through depending on what i'm doing at the time.

Usually i close all programs before shutting down my pc at night and when closing CL2 i usually click ok when the box "do u want to save changes" pops up. Why it asks this when no changes have been made i don't know. Anyway! I clicked no instead this time and all my profiles where as i left them when i booted my pc.

Why does CL2 always ask if you want to save the changes made before closing it when no changes have been made???

So far this is the only bug i've found.

Is there some sort of guide for creating custom fan curve's?

I gathered that the numbers on the left are temp points but the numbers on the right which i would have thought to be the fans rpm aren't relevent to the actual fans speed. A 3 digit number = the rpm. How?

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I'm running the newest Link program and have upgraded all my firmwares to the latest versions.


I only have this issue when I hook up an additional device (i.e. installed one new fan).


I have noticed that sometimes a fan or 2 may not show that they are running (although they are) and all I do is restart the service from the options tab.

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This is a really random thing as sometimes it will startup normally showing the correct device's/readings for a few days on the trot and then stop workin when you reboot. I have also found that if you enter your bios and make any change's then the device's will double up again with the old ones showing no info.


@RAM GUY, Yes even if just one profile is created it can still do the same as whenever i am doing anything in the bios i will only create one profile as i know the others will be messed up when i restart.

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  • Corsair Employees

Can you show me a screen shot of Device Manager especially anything with an Explanation mark or ? mark in front of it?


EDIT: So Basically this is what I would like to do:

Please go to Device manager and see if there is an Exclamation mark in or on one of the devices. If there is anything listed remove it and refresh the Computer Icon. If it just comes back remove it again and restart the system. If that does not solve it I would request an RMA and let me know the case number I will have them replace the USB dongle for you.
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Is the Led on or blinking on the C-Link USB module? If not please request an RMA and let me know the case number and lets try and replace the C-Link USB module.


Sorry! When i said nothing in device manager i meant no exclamation marks. The Corsair stuff shows without any problems.

I have no need to rma it as it works fine apart from the new device's appearing while the other show 0 info now n then.

This is software related.

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