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Hi there,


About ten days ago I received my Silver 600T from Amazon. Case is great and had a lot of fun building in it, only problem is the headphone jack appears to be a dud. Can't seem to get audio through it, though I can verify the pins on the mobo work when using the same headphone header in a different case.


Contacted Corsair for assistance through the corsair.force site, a week or so later no reply so I tried through the corsair/support site. The next day I got an email saying my Accessory Product replacement request had been approved, and that I'd get a shipping confirmation email shortly. I then received an RMA approved email with a shipping label and no other information.


So I replied to that asking what exactly I'm supposed to be sending in... pulling out the entire system, undoing all the cable management, and paying to ship a 25 pound case back to Corsair to fix a wonky headphone lead sounds like an awfully expensive (and laborious) way to resolve this. Replying to that email just seemed to automatically open up a new case, though. :confused:


Anyways, not sure where or how to proceed.



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