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[Corsair SP2500] Win8 + Subwoofer


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I have had my corsair sp 500 for around a month now, I use it maybe every other 3 days, I love it, sounds great and is perfect for gaming.


Issue: Lately when I turn it on, sometimes the subwoofer does not respond... now this is with the volume on my pc midway, my remote settings volume is up and subwoofer volume is up. The way I have to fix this problem is to turn sub volume all the way down and keep raising it several times... almost like the reps once or something is not correct. Now all volumes are fine, I have used it plenty of times.


Also is there any updated drivers or anything for windows 8? I cannot even download anything from the site due to I cannot even open the updates, let alone try to run as a windows 7 compability.


Thanks for reading and it would be nice to know why all a sudden my sub does not respond at start up or volume adjustments. Thanks.

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The SP2500 doesn't use drivers (its an analog unit). To confirm the issue isn't with the unit itself, plug a device into it like a mp3 player. If it plays normally, then its a driver issue with your onboard sound or sound card, which you can see if there is an update from the manufacturer.
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