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Vengeance 2000 Headset after RMA evenutally broken send back to me?


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Dear Corsair Community, (no native english speaker)


Before I say something, i looked through the forums and only found one "nearly" similar post, so I post my version here.


I purchased my Vengeance 2000 Headset back in august 2012. I was pretty happy till it broke in several areas and it had no further stability. I send it back via RMA to the Nertherlands for 17euro...quiet the price.


2 weeks later (today)i received the new exchanged headset and put it on excactly like I did before with the previous Vengeance 2000.


The sound is clear,Software is installed,all sound fine.


But after joining teamspeak and using the microphone I have a massive,constant sound/acoustic noise. It's so bad that it activates my microphone in teamspeak without me saying anything. It disturbes every person in my chatroom strongly and me as well. I can not properly use it. I ONLY HAVE THAT NOISE WHEN I TURN MY MICROPHONE DOWN, IF ITS UP,ALL IS FINE!!!


So I checked my microphone settings in my Win7 settings. Everything is fine (the Logitech g930 of my brother works without a problem,i checked it).


I looked over the drivers. Installed and reinstalled them,still the same problem. I was reading a response saying it might work with default windows drivers but it does not...I deinstalled it and its the same. As soon as I turn down my microphone it gets incredible noisy.


My Sound drivers a fine. The software is fine. I have not changed anything at all that would make my sound go nuts.


So here is my question: Is it by any chance my system or something that I did wrong and might I be able to fix it so that I can use the microphone properly?


If not, I would be really sad, because I just send them to Corsair(Netherland/Alemere) on my own expense (17euro). I do not wanna send them there again and might get back another "broken" pair. Is the microphone broken from the start? My previous Vengeance worked perfectly.


Thanks a lot for any help of solutions to end my miserable suffering.


bye guys


Win7 64bit

Alienware Customboard

12gb Corsair Vengeance RAM

Ati HD Radeon 6850 BlackEdtition

Onboard Sound


For the Stuff:

RMA Case #5647640

I received the package today via UPS.

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So, I checked out the headset on default windows drivers and with the drivers from corsair.com . Without the drivers the vengeance 2000 mic did work (without all 7,1 features) and with the drivers (from Corsair) it started to get noisy (microphone). I give it to my brother to check it out,but on my pc it is useless because it does not function properly.

Tested it twice to be sure. Don't know if it is the software or not. Maybe my brother finds something out on his pc. I also get weird shockwave plugin errors as soon as I install the Corsair drivers. The previous drivers on my old headset did work without a problem.



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