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Corsair HS1 USB - Drivers Won't Install


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Hey all.


I have a pair of HS1's, the USB kind, and have just reformatted my SSD and reinstalled Windows 7.


Went to install the HS1 drivers off the disc, and it prompted me to "Please connect the Corsiar USB Headset."


I plug it in to the same USB port I always do.


Windows does its' thing and the device is ready for use.


I click OK on the "Please connect the Corsair USB Headset."


Error sound.


Click OK again.


Error sound.


Click OK again.


Error sound.


"The program might not have installed correctly."




Download the 1.1 drivers from here: http://www.corsair.com/en/gaming-audio-series-hs1-usb-gaming-headset.html


As they're the only ones I can find.


Same problem.


Doesn't matter if I try another port or not.


Doesn't matter if I have them plugged in or not before running the drivers.


Same error every time.


They work, I just can't install the software and increase the bass etc etc.


Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated!

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