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Corsair 900D Water Cooling Parts List


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Does Corsair happen to have the parts list used to build the computer in the ads for the new 900D?

I want to build a fully watercooled system exactly as the one shown in the Corsair ads, with only a different motherboard and my own color scheme.

The parts list used for this computer would be both immensely helpful and also immensely appreciated!

It's extremely difficult, and expensive, to piece together a complete watercooling system using an on-line catalog.

There isn't a single store anywhere within driving distance of home that sells items such as this, so that a customer may piece the parts together in person. Assuring that they're actually buying the correct sizes, shapes and colors of the parts needed.

Thanks for your help!

I've already pre-ordered the case, bought a Corsair AX 1200i psu, Corsair Dominator Platinum memory and have more large SSD's than I can shake a stick at plus a complete Corsair Link Kit.

I'm waiting a bit to choose a motherboard and cpu until the case arrives.

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