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Want more ram but model is discontinued?


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I have two sticks of Corsair CMX512-3500C2PT 512MB DDR433 with silver heat spreaders (each is 256 mb). I want to get another 512 but i cant find that ram for sale anymore. Are there any other compatible models i can get that will work with my system? I want to keep the ram i have and add more. What should i get? They dont sell that model anywhere! I have two more available slots.


intel pbz875 mobo

p4 3.0ghz

windows xp pro

sata western digital 160gb

radeon 9800 se

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That memory stopped production almost a year ago because the company who made the ICs stopped making them. It is not recommended to mix models, I'd see if you can find a different use for them and get the TwinX1024-3200XL. They're debatably as good as or better than the 3500s.
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Err... technically, yes... but probably not. Worst case, IMHO, is it doesn't post at all.


Next worst is that it does POST, but gives a fatal error and some systems files get hacked... if you have WinXP, just boot from the CDROM and hit "REPAIR"... problem fixed... or go back to "last good config" from the boot menu (hold ctrl... or is it alt when booting... one of those...)


Regardless, there's a very very slim chance of data damage, but that's about it. I wouldn't worry about it!




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