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GS600 Fan and Fuse RMA Nightmare


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I am trying to appropriately RMA my faulty PSU, here is a copy of what I sent to Corsair Support.




In short: The fan twitching/buzzing noise upon thermally activated start up. Identical to this video.


The full problem:

I bought a GS600 for my new pc build (05/04/2013) from Rebeltech online store, for my new term at varsity starting on the Monday, after installing all the components into my Carbide 500R, I plugged in the Pc and turned on the power switch. Instantly the PSU blew and I was very very upset, knowing the issue was going to take weeks to be sorted out, and I needed a working Pc.


Fortunately my mom offered to return the PSU for me. At the store of purchase she was told they could not replace the part, but would send it to the suppliers, which could take up to 6 weeks to return. At that point knowing I would not be able to study at university without my pc for 6 weeks, my mom ordered a second GS600 for me at her cost, and the shop agreed should the original PSU be replaced I could receive Store credit - Great.


She collected the second (current) PSU on Friday(12/04/2013), and I installed it when I returned home this weekend. I slotted and connected up the PSU, and flicked the switch. I was relieved to see the Pc booting up (in a way proving the previous PSU faulty). But then after installing windows, I noticed a strange noise which I located at the power supply - I was devastated! It is the noise described above (apparently a common known problem, I didn't know about - describe on this forum, and shown in various youtube videos)


I am trying the internet RMA approach in a hope to be granted an Advanced RMA I have read about on the forums, to avoid further downtime.


I have always been a supporter of Corsair products, but recently my brand loyalty has taken a knock. If it is possible I might be able to drop off the PSU directly to major electronic distributors used in South Africa to avoid tremendous shipping cost to America.


Alternatively if a full refund can be arranged, I will accept it, and buy an alternative manufactures product.


I received the following messages from support:

Hi Matthew, your RMA has been approved.


We're transitioning between two RMA systems currently, so there's two ways to get an advanced RMA.


1. (preferred method) You can use our new RMA system at
and fill out a new RMA and fill out the Express RMA (same thing as an advanced RMA) directly online.


2. Call customer service at 1-http://www.corsair.com/us/company/contact/ and they can help set it up (RMA # 5838374). They are open Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST. You can call it for free from outside of the USA by using Skype.



If you choose to call in and use this RMA number, please respond back and let me know and I'll mark the ticket for a prepaid shipping label. Afterwards please send a copy of the receipt with the subject "Prepaid Label" and he'll get you a shipping label since it's < 30 days from purchase.


I did option 1, and have never heard anything back from corsair.secure.force.com


Please can someone help/advise me!



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As the title suggests, still no reply form either of the support websites, RamGuy, can you maybe help me?


I am also going to try the skype call thing in a few hours, when support is open. The time difference makes it difficult.



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