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Rma #5821827


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Techsupport has advised me the following reply about my case :



"We have received your RMA 5821827 which unfortunately is for an obsolete/discontinued product which is no longer available for direct replacement. Under our warranty policy we are able to offer you alternate replacement. Please confirm to us at your earliest convenience.


Returned Product: CA-SP212EU

Returned Qty: 1

Potential/Alternate Replacement: CA-SP211EU

(In order to process the replacement, we would need to include a $50.00 upgrade charge.)


Please contact our customer service at 1-888-222-4346 ext 0.


We apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered. We look forward hearing from you. Thank you!"



I accept the replacement including the $50.00 cost.But I'm living in France and my spoken english is so so and moreover I'm afraid of the calling fees to call a US phone number. I accept the replacement including the $50.00 cost.

Is there a way to process the replacement and the payment online without having to call to the US ?


Thank you

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I received this e-mail today :



RMA number 5821827 has now been shipped by UPS. Your UPS tracking number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Our records show the following information on the return:


RMA number: 5821827

Corsair Product: CA-SP212EU

Quantity Returned: 1



RAMGUY, please can you check if the Corsair SP-2500 (CA-SP211EU) has effectively been sent ?

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It would be best to call our customer service once we create the RMA it is given to customer service and we would not know what was sent. However, we stopped producing the SP-2200 a few years back and as far as I know we do not have any we could send you. In addition we will receive the part in the old part number but the replacement would be what is available. So I am 90% sure that SP-2500 is what was sent out.
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