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Corsair M90 Wheelmouse issues.


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Just wanted to say that i love Corsair as a company and their products first and Hello to everyone on here!


I have a Corsair m90 that i bought i would say probably 5 months ago and its a BEAUTIFUL mouse other than the fact that my wheel mouse on it will randomly scroll down when i scroll up and its so loose that when i move my mouse around i can see and feel the wheel shake and move freely around inside the mouse... :( i love this mouse to death but this makes me sad as it makes it hard for gaming and browsing the internet i got it off newegg.ca when i was building my computer last year and was wondering if i could get an advanced RMA on it cause its my only mouse and ive also tried re-installing drivers etc.. all that but its clearly obvious its hardware related due to the fact i can physically see the wheel mouse moving around freely when i look at it and move my mouse around :(


if anyone can help me out here id appreciate it im a big fan of corsair and own a TX 750 v2 which i absolutely adore but i love my m90 just as much i just wish the wheel shake would stop :(


Thanks in advance!

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I know the feeling, i got mine RMA'd back in january , new mouse has started doing the same after 3 months, sometimes it's so bad i can't scroll to the top of a page, i'm locked in a furious battle with the scroll down gremlins.


constantly buying compressed air isn't really an option, i shouldn't have to, it's a design flaw.

I'll be RMA'ing again, but this is the last time, postage costs too much.

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